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Welcome To Afuzion! A dance and wellness family like no other! We are so pleased that you have decided to take a trip to our website. Afuzion is a curriculum designed in partnership with NITA officials, emerging as a groundbreaking force, rewriting the narrative of Africa’s Creative Economy. We are not only a dance curriculum but a celebration of African heritage and a declaration of unity. Afuzion empowers both budding and seasoned dancers and dance instructors with certified courses, amplifying our natively African dance styles and granting them the recognition they deserve. What this means to our participants is that we can ensure a gold standard of instruction for anyone who takes part in an Afuzion class. Our courses specialise in just 4 styles. Amapiano, Traditional Dance, Kenyan Street Styles and West African Street styles. Each style has 4 distinct levels of instruction. To ensure that we were staying true to our vision of African unity and heritage, we worked in partnership with dancers globally to design and create each level and style. This ensured that not only did we develop a curriculum where the moves were outlined by people from the styles country, but also meant that we could properly understand the history, context and culture around each move and style. We cant wait to see you at one of our classes.

Dance genres at Afuzion


Amapiano, an Nguni word loosely translated to "the pianos", is a South African subgenre of house music that emerged in South Africa in the mid-2010s. It is a hybrid of deep house, jazz, and lounge music characterized by synths and wide percussive basslines. Most of the movement is very lyrical and many of the dance challenges either mimic the beats, lyrics or sounds in the music The genre is naturally high energy, so get ready to burn some serious calories


Stemming from the streets of Nigeria and Ghana, this style is rooting in political demonstration, gangsters and ENERGY, as a direct response to the globally celebrated reggae sounds of the times from artists such as Majek Fashek. Inspired by Naija fusion, the style consists of Riddim bounce at it roots, and moves its way through styles developed in 2010 such as Shaku Shaku and Konto Bounce which means ‘Go Crazy’. The movements mimic real life, such as animalistic movement. The entire genre is fun, with plenty of energy and groove! So come ready to sweat!


This is a broad umbrella term for traditional tribal dances. Focussing on Kenyan tribes, this genre takes a deep dive into local communities, such as the Maasai Warrior dance, Kikuyu Mugithi and Luo Ohangla. We step back in time to understand how our ancestors moved, and what drove those movements, embodying stories and the richness of our heritage! Lets just say……. Our ancestors were SUPER fit


As a proudly Kenyan company, our dance journey ensures that we pay special love and attention celebrating our own styles! Manifesting as ‘Odi dance’, Kenyan street styles began to gain commercial relevance in 2019 , inspired and driven by Genge and Kupaka music, later transitioning to Gengeton and more recently UrbanTone. Join us on a journey through Kenya, in which each neighbourhood has its only Odi style, to celebrate the country we all love.

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